The cricket fans in India were terribly angry at Maria Sharapova for her saying that she didn’t know Sachin Tendulkar.

But, those fans would certainly cool down a little bit now because Tendulkar himself has said that he didn’t consider that remark of Sharapova disrespectful at all.

According to Sachin, Sharapova might not follow the game of cricket that much and thus, she can’t be expected to know somebody who belongs to the game.

Sachin is one of the most highly regarded sports personalities in the world. Many tennis players themselves are his fans and one of them is Roger Federer. The Swiss maestro has praised the former Indian batsman many a time publicly.

Sachin’s fans actually took Sharapova’s statement as an insult which was clearly wrong on their part simply because Sharapova comes from a country where a large chunk of the population doesn’t have any idea about cricket.

The kids grow up in Russia dreaming of making their careers in football and tennis and not in cricket. The game of 22 yards in not popular in that part of the world and it’s fully understandable for the people of that country to not know the cricket players.

Sharapova might not know anything about cricket, but, she is a big fan of football and during the recently finished FIFA World Cup 2014, she was consistently backing Brazil as one of her friends David Luiz was playing for that team.

But, her support and well wishes could not take Brazil to the final as they ended up being thumped by Germany properly in the Round of 4.

Sharapova regularly tweets about football and apart from Luiz, she is believed to be the fan of many other soccer players including Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal.