Rafael Nadal acknowledges that the inclusion of Carlos Moya in his support staff has done him a world of good because he has brought with him some fresh ideas which have proved to be very useful.

As per Nadal, when a person who has not been with you in the past starts working with you, you are very open to consider his ideas because his ideas are often very different and that’s what has been the case with Moya coming in.

Nadal reveals that the 41-year old who himself was the World’s best player at one point of time has come up with a couple of different ideas for him and he as well as his head coach have been pretty okay with implementing those ideas and changing it up a little bit in terms of how they used to go about their practice. And those ideas have really helped him fetch some positive results in the on-going season. So he would like to give Moya his due credit for that.

It’s been Moya’s first season as a part of the support staff of Nadal and he must be a really positive influence because Nadal’s performance in the season has been absolutely miraculous. ...continue reading Rafael Nadal acknowledges Carlos Moya Support

Rafael Nadal showed what we should expect at Roland Garros as he conquered Dominic Thiem at the Barcelona Open final.

The Spain international did not drop a single set as he cruised to his tenth Barcelona Open title – this makes his 71th career tour title.

The 30-year old star is the first man in the Open era to claim ten titles, after winning the Monte Carlo Masters last week. The king of clay is seeking to repeat the third tenth in Paris later this month.

Thiem had defeated World No. 1 in the last stage en route the finals but he was no match for Nadal who saw him off in 90 minutes. Nadal was terrific at the tournament as he played all his games in the court at the Real Tennis Club renamed after him.

“It was a close first set and a good quality of tennis. Anything could have happened. But then I started playing at a very high level and Dominic started making a few more mistakes,” Nadal said after the duel. ...continue reading NADAL LIFTS 10TH BARCELONA OPEN TITLE

The end of the month will see Rafael Nadal make a comeback into the sport after he was sent out to the sidelines by wrist injury problems, and he has come on to explain how 'being happy' and 'playing well' are his two main goals when he returns.

The start of the 2016 season had seen Nadal start well as he began to get back to his best form, following an injury filled campaign in 2015.

However, the wrist injury, which he got during the French Open, ensured that his 2016 campaign was effectively derailed. This saw him failing to win any single title, apart from the gold medal he had won at a doubles event in the Rio Olympic Games held in Brazil.

At the Olympics and the US Open, Nadal tried to play through the pain but was forced to take a break after he lost in a second round in October at the Shangai Masters. ...continue reading NADAL ANTICIPATES COMEBACK, TALKS ABOUT HAPPINESS AND WINNING

Despite the 2016 season ending in a tour ban for Nick Kyrgios, Rafael Nadal believes that he can go on to become better and continue his rise to glory in 2017.

Mischa Zverev had defeated Kyrgios 6-3 6-1 which resulted in the ATP suspension. The Australian youngster later on apologized for his actions.

The 21-year old had seen a wonderful career this year as he rose up the world rankings to sit at the No. 13 position in the tennis world and Rafael Nadal believes he can even do better.

The young Australian has shown his potential as a player headed for the top-10, as he featured in the quarterfinals of both the Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

However, he has been involved in many controversies of recent and is beginning to gain a negative reputation as the ‘bad boy’ of men tennis.

Nadal however believes that it would take the young man’s head being in the right place for him to excel since he already has the much-needed talent.

"Kyrgios is already at the top, a player who has unbelievable potential.

"If he has focus on himself, he can become world number one and win a Grand Slam." ...continue reading NADAL BACKS NICK KYRGIOS AND THANASI KOKKINAKIS

For the fans of Nadal, who have been worrying about his health and how he has had to withdraw from the French Open for his wrist injury need not worry about the way he is spending his time.

Recent news shows Rafael having been on a yacht cruise in Ibiza. This was an apt way to celebrate his 30th birthday. Hence, it is safe to assume that the break that came from the French Open for his wrist injury has definitely given him a chance to unwind. ...continue reading Nadal Relaxes On His Birthday

There have been several rumors doing the rounds, especially since Rafael Nadal suddenly pulled out of the French Open. Many fans wanted to see Nadal come up against his arch opponent Novak, but that did not happen. The latest injury that ails this star is a wrist injury.

Fans have been hoping that the injury would not prevent him from playing the forthcoming Wimbledon championship. However, most people realize that Nadal would have to take time off from the Queen’s Club games as well this season. ...continue reading Is Nadal Ready to Return