The game of tennis is not the only thing important in Rafael Nadal’s life. There are other things too which he likes doing and one of them is spending a lot of time with his family and his buddies. Whenever he gets a bit of time in the middle of the season, he plans a short holiday either with his girlfriend or with his uncles and friends. He is such a family man.

The sportspersons are generally not like that. Most of them are very intense. Even when they are not playing or having a break, they keep thinking about their game. They don’t have enough time for their loved ones unless their playing days are over permanently. But, Nadal is different.

The Spaniard was interviewed by Style magazine a couple of weeks ago. In that interview, he talked about his life and his career.

When asked how important tennis is in his life, he said, “It’s important, but, it isn’t the only thing that I live for. There are other aspects in my life as well. I enjoy life in the company of my close ones. They keep me happy.”

According to Nadal, he has got better and better temperament wise playing professional tennis over the years.

When asked how difficult it is for him to move on from the losses, the Spaniard said, “It was very difficult at the start of my career when I was younger. But, the more I have played, I’ve realized that defeats are part and parcel of a sportsmen life and you can’t let them demoralize you, otherwise, you wouldn’t succeed for long.”

Nadal, who is one of the best male tennis players of the modern generation (If not the best), is still young enough (only 27) and he has already won 14 slam titles.