Rafael Nadal, the Spanish all time great tennis players has enough titles against his name which itself speaks of his merit. Ranked second in the Association of Tennis Players (ATP), Rafael is an exemplary player for all those youngsters who aspire to take up tennis as their future career. Born on 3rd June 1986, Rafael was the former World number one in international tennis arena. The pages of tennis history would always remember this great tennis player who was also called as the ‘King of Clay’ for the success he had in clay. Most of the tennis experts acknowledge him as one of the best clay court player which the world has known and seen.

In his tennis career, Nadal had won 10 Grand Slam singles, 6 French Opens, the Olympic gold medal in 2008 (singles) and the nineteen records set by him in the Association of Tennis Players World Tour Master 1000 tournaments. He was also the part of the Davis Cup Team which had won the finals in the years 2004, 2008, and in the year 2009.  He retired off of from the Grand Slam finally by winning US Open 2010. With this win he had created the record of being the 7th player in the history of tennis game and the youngest in the ‘open-era’ to have achieved it. Apart from this, he also has set the record of being the 2nd player (male) to have completed the Golden Slam with four grand slam wins and an Olympic gold medal. The other player who has done the same had held the first position is Andre Agassi.

Nadal maintained a thirty two match winning streak consistency in the year 2008. In the year 2011 Nadal won the Monte Carlo Master and was acknowledged as the 1st player who has won all the 7 series of ATP in a single row. He was also ranked the 2nd position just behind Roger Federer for his great thumping record set with the 160 long back to back weeks and finally earned the apex slot. The 160 long back to back weeks were from 18th August 2008 to 5th July 2009. He reclaimed back the world number one position on 7th June 2010 after his great win in the 5th French Open. He held on the number one status till 3rd July 2011 after which Novak Djokovic took over the position.

Born in Manacor, Spain to a business family, Nadal was inclined to sports from the very beginning. Probably he might have inherited few of the genes which of his uncle who was a professional retired footballer. His father, Sebastian Nadal was a businessman who owned a restaurant, glass and Window Company and an insurance company. His mother, Ana Maria Parera was a home maker.  He also had a younger sister. Maria Isabel. Seeing the tennis talent present within Nadal, one of his other uncles, Toni Nadal (a professional tennis player) introduced him to the game of cricket at the tender age of three. From then there was no looking back for this gem of tennis.