Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal has hit out at France in what he referred to as a ‘general campaign’ going on there which is trying to discredit the achievements of the Spanish athletes by implying that their success over the years have been due to the continued use of illegal drugs.

The world number two spoke to reporters just a day after it was revealed that the Spanish tennis federation or RFET had threatened to sue the French television network Canal+ on grounds of ‘unacceptable and damaging insinuations’ when they broadcast a carton about the ten time Grand Slam champion Nadal. Nadal, however, added that the attacks on him and all other Spanish athletes were extremely ‘sad’.

Nadal went on to add that these kinds of humorous cartoons are fun in the beginning but when they are shown over and over again, they tend to overstep the proverbial line a bit. Rafael Nadal, who is a six time French Open champion, also added that it would still have been acceptable had it been done by one media only but when it is carried out by the entire media, one tends to think that it is general campaign in the neighboring country, trying to demean the Spanish athletes.

Nadal further added that it is even more hurtful for athletes when their hard work is undermined and their success is attributed to the use of syringes and pills. Although he did not say anything about suing the French television channel that showed his cartoon, he made it clear his displeasure at the taste of the channel.

It seems that the French media have begun to target Spanish athletes after Alberto Contador was banned for doping and their biggest target is Rafael Nadal, who is most often referred to as the Muscleman from Mallorca.