Rafael Nadal has struggled a lot with his knee injury in the recent past. Because of that, he has missed quite a lot of games in the last couple of seasons, but, now, he has undergone a new kind of treatment and he is hoping that it will help him stay 100% fit throughout the upcoming 2014 season.

Nadal hasn’t made it clear yet that how that new treatment is different and how it is going to benefit him immensely. The only thing he has said is that he is hopeful of the fact that he would go through the next season without any fitness concerns.

The last season was a memorable one for Nadal. He came back into the circuit after getting rid of a horrible injury and surprised everyone with his top form straightaway. He would like to keep his form going in 2014 as well.

Nadal would be taking part in the Australian Open in a few days’ time. That would be his first appearance in that tournament in 2 years. He hadn’t participated in the last season as he was recovering from his knee injury.

Talking to the reporters yesterday about his new treatment, Nadal said, “I haven’t had that much pain after undergoing this new treatment and that’s really a positive thing for me.”

“I went through the last season pretty well too, but, I had to go into most of the matches after taking anti inflammatory. I am hoping that I will not have to do that in the next season.”

Nadal is currently at the top of the world rankings and he is being considered as the top favourite to win the singles competition of Australian Open which is going to take place in January next year.