Despite the 2016 season ending in a tour ban for Nick Kyrgios, Rafael Nadal believes that he can go on to become better and continue his rise to glory in 2017.

Mischa Zverev had defeated Kyrgios 6-3 6-1 which resulted in the ATP suspension. The Australian youngster later on apologized for his actions.

The 21-year old had seen a wonderful career this year as he rose up the world rankings to sit at the No. 13 position in the tennis world and Rafael Nadal believes he can even do better.

The young Australian has shown his potential as a player headed for the top-10, as he featured in the quarterfinals of both the Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

However, he has been involved in many controversies of recent and is beginning to gain a negative reputation as the ‘bad boy’ of men tennis.

Nadal however believes that it would take the young man’s head being in the right place for him to excel since he already has the much-needed talent.

"Kyrgios is already at the top, a player who has unbelievable potential.

"If he has focus on himself, he can become world number one and win a Grand Slam." ...continue reading NADAL BACKS NICK KYRGIOS AND THANASI KOKKINAKIS

Rafael Nadal is not the kind of person that you would too often see complaining, but, recently, he was pretty upset about the fact that he has not had the chance to play the Tour Finals on clay ever.

According to Nadal, it seems unfair to a player like him to always have to finish the season playing on a surface which is totally unfavourable to his style of play.

In an interview, Nadal was quoted as saying, “Somebody like me, I have never found the surface to my liking in the finals and I have been qualifying right since 2006. At times, you do feel it’s unfair.”

“I have no complaints with organizing it at 02 Arena. It’s great. Whenever I go to that venue, I get fascinated by the atmosphere. I enjoy myself every time, but, the only thing that I want is that we should look to prepare a clay surface there as well at times. It’s very much possible to do that.” ...continue reading Rafael Nadal doesn’t complain

Rafael Nadal has made it clear that he indeed had asked the French Open organizing committee to ensure that Carlos Bernardes was not named to officiate in any of his matches in the tournament.

Bernardes has been one of the experienced chair umpires going around and there have not been too many players who have put question marks on his decisions, but, Nadal has had a few issues with him off late and that’s why, he did not want to play with him in charge. ...continue reading Nadal asked the French Open about Bernardes

Rafael Nadal has had his dominance at Roland Garros in the last decade. There has hardly been a player who has posed any sort of challenge to him on that surface. He has almost owned the Red Soil over there.

But, is the scenario going to be the same this season too? Well, nobody is quite sure about that, not even Nadal himself.

If Nadal walks away with another French Open title, it would be a world record. No one, in the history of the men’s game, has ever done that, that is, to claim ten Slam trophies at the same venue.

Also, the glory in France would take Nadal to no. 15 in terms of total Slam titles and thus, he would remain only two away from arguably the best of all time, Roger Federer.

But, the form that Nadal has shown from the start of 2015 till now, it does not guarantee another French Open success.

Yes, it’s the hard court season at the moment and clay would be different kettle of fish, but, still, watching Nadal play recently, anyone, who has followed him throughout his career, would say that it’s not quite the same player.

The main issue with Nadal is the lack of confidence. In some of the tournaments this season, it has looked as if that belief’s gone. He is not rating himself. He does not think he can win tournaments all over the world. In short, he has been slightly soft. ...continue reading Rafael Nadal has had his dominance at Roland Garros