Rafael Nadal has had his dominance at Roland Garros in the last decade. There has hardly been a player who has posed any sort of challenge to him on that surface. He has almost owned the Red Soil over there.

But, is the scenario going to be the same this season too? Well, nobody is quite sure about that, not even Nadal himself.

If Nadal walks away with another French Open title, it would be a world record. No one, in the history of the men’s game, has ever done that, that is, to claim ten Slam trophies at the same venue.

Also, the glory in France would take Nadal to no. 15 in terms of total Slam titles and thus, he would remain only two away from arguably the best of all time, Roger Federer.

But, the form that Nadal has shown from the start of 2015 till now, it does not guarantee another French Open success.

Yes, it’s the hard court season at the moment and clay would be different kettle of fish, but, still, watching Nadal play recently, anyone, who has followed him throughout his career, would say that it’s not quite the same player.

The main issue with Nadal is the lack of confidence. In some of the tournaments this season, it has looked as if that belief’s gone. He is not rating himself. He does not think he can win tournaments all over the world. In short, he has been slightly soft.

Only time will tell if everything changes on clay and he adds another French Open to his tally, but, the signs are not encouraging at this point in time.

Nadal’s official ATP ranking is 3 which suggests he is still one of the top in the world, but, he is not playing like a top gun, that’s for certain.