Rafael Nadal has hinted that Kei Nishikori might deliberately have taken more time than he needed in the washroom to obstruct the rhythm he had attained in the match at that juncture.

Nadal said when he was in the Brazilian capital to play a tournament the previous year and in one of the matches, he wanted to go in and put on another pair of shorts, he was not given the permission of that. Then, how could Nishikori have such a long break in the middle of a match?

In the view of Nadal, you are broken twice and are one game away from the loss and then you turn the corner and level it up. So, the momentum is definitely yours and in that situation, if the opposition player spends more than ten minutes outside the court without any injury, you have got to be upset about it.

Nadal, however, didn’t try to take anything away from Nishikori and stressed that the performance of the Japanese was of a higher level than that of him.

Nadal also revealed that he was having a little inconvenience while opting for a forehand shot. While playing any other shot or while serving, it was fine, but, forehand was giving him slight trouble. However, he would still visit Cincinnati and participate in that event as he wants to make it to the Masters tournament and if he sits out; he would get down in the rankings.

Nadal will have to be holding a ranking from 1 to 8 if he has to play the Masters tournament. Presently, he comes in that range as he is ranked eighth, but, a Cincinnati pull-out would cost him a couple of positions. That is why, despite a bothersome hand, he is not considering a rest right now.