The end of the month will see Rafael Nadal make a comeback into the sport after he was sent out to the sidelines by wrist injury problems, and he has come on to explain how ‘being happy’ and ‘playing well’ are his two main goals when he returns.

The start of the 2016 season had seen Nadal start well as he began to get back to his best form, following an injury filled campaign in 2015.

However, the wrist injury, which he got during the French Open, ensured that his 2016 campaign was effectively derailed. This saw him failing to win any single title, apart from the gold medal he had won at a doubles event in the Rio Olympic Games held in Brazil.

At the Olympics and the US Open, Nadal tried to play through the pain but was forced to take a break after he lost in a second round in October at the Shangai Masters.

The 31-year old revealed that he has almost concluded making his preparations for the pre-season and should make a return to competitive action by December.

Nadal as quoted by had said,

“I’m practicing much, I am in the middle of the pre-season and at the moment everything is going well. I am willing to work and so far I manage to do it.

“Definitely there isn’t anything sure in the life, but that’s the plan. Unless anything unexpected happens, I will play Abu Dhabi, Brisbane and Australian Open.

“You never know how things can go. In tennis you decide which tournaments play depending by how things go.

“I don’t know. Being happy and playing well to win. These ones are my two goals, nothing more. And I am working to do it,” the Spaniard explained.